Online Reputation Management

Stand ahead, when your employers, clients or even dates google you…


Online reputation matters… Sometimes, if someone search about you or your company online, the results comes across will be about some others with same name. People who search will not pay attention to digg more about it.. but it can make a negative feel about you or your brand.


ZygOz have a talented team who take care of all seo stuffs, who can work hard to bring negative pages down and positive pages up.


There may be your competitors who write negative reviews about your product or company.


We always needs to boost up the positive side of our company/products and needs to push negative listing down.


Our task starts with removing negative listing from websites, by creating blogs or social pages which gives positive impact on your business and much more…


The process depends on your current online reputation status. Fill the form below to get a report from one of our experts about your current reputation status and know how we can make it better.