User Experience (UX)

Having a website with more contents, or an application with extra features will not make it successful. It needs to be designed with clear knowledge of its users and their behaviors.


ZygOz UX Designers can help you to study your prospects and provide you the best easy to navigate/ easy to use website/application interface design.


A simple system with less features is better than a complex system with more features.


We know, you build your website/application after studying the competition and building the best than anyone, But when we look at users/visitors, you may be disappointed.


You may have more visitors to your website, but they may not be converting. These problems are all because of the lack of proper user interface.


We study your product , its users, their age groups, and from there we analyze and make the best easy to navigate easy to use user interface for your product.


We are psychologists, researchers, interaction designers, usability & customer experience specialists. We cover web, software, mobile, print, service design and moreā€¦


Following are few points which help you easily understand our services.

  • User / Customer Testing
  • Customer Insight / Research
  • Expert Design Consultancy
  • Interaction Design and Prototyping
  • Customer Modeling and Journey Tracking
  • Specialise in Eye Tracking Services
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